Tortilla with spicy quinoa and crispy tofu (L T V) 7 

 Classic fries (G L T V) 5 

 Sweet potato fries with truffle mayo (G L T) 7  

 Fried smelt with dill sour cream (G) 7  

 Crispy prawns with lime mayo (L) 11  

 Cheese selection with seasonal jam (T) 14  

 Ham and cheese selection 18  

 Snack platter for two 29  



Mackerel with new potato and fresh cucumber 13  

Venison tartare with salted egg yolk (L) 14  

Potato gnocchi in tomato sauce (G T) 9  

Broccoli with celeriac crumble and pesto sauce (G T) 8 



Pumpkin steak with pumpkin coconut sauce, pesto and ricotta (G T) 14

 Creamy pasta with chorizo and king prawns 15 

 Mussels in Tom Kha sauce (G) 15 

 Halibut with broccoli and spicy coconut seafood sauce (G) 19 

 Fillet of trout with potato gratin, butter sauce and fish roe (G) 21  

 Crispy chicken burger with jalapeno mayo 15  

 Duck confit with creamed potato, oven roasted apple and kale chip (G) 18  

 Beef entrecote with chimichurri and burnt tomato (G L) 24  



Vietnamese Pho (G L) 8 



Orange tart with meringue 6 

Rich chocolate cake with raspberry sauce 7 

Lemon soufflé (G) 6



Fries with tomato sauce (G L T V) 5

Chicken- cheese burger (L) 6

Chicken nuggets (G L T V) 6

Pasta with cheese (T) 6

Pasta with chicken 7

Carrot and cucumber bites with sour cream (G L V T) 4


Knickerbocker Glory 5


G-gluten free L-lactose free T-vegetarian V-vegan
About allergies ask from waiters