Classic fries (G L V) 6 

 Sweet potato fries with truffle mayo (G L T) 7  

 Chicken popcorn (L) 8

 Crispy prawns with mango mayo (L) 11  

 Cheese selection with seasonal jam (T) 14  

 Ham and cheese selection 18  

 Snack platter for two 29  



Char-grilled cabbage with tahini sauce and walnuts (G L V) 10

Salad with king prawns, fresh vegetables and herbs (G L) 14  

Grilled king prawns in miso sauce (G) 15

Summer salad with roast beef (G) 13 

Burrata salad with juicy tomatoes (G) 17

Parmesan creme brulee 13



Aubergine with walnuts and curry sauce (G L V) 12

 Beef pasta in truffle sauce with capers 16 

 Mussels in Gorgonzola sauce (G) 18

 Whole seabream with fresh salad (G L) 19 

 Octopus with beans in tomato sauce, new potatoes and herb aioli (G) 21

Black Angus beef burger with french fries 19

Guinea fowl with pearl couscous and lemongrass sauce (L) 17  

Beef entrecote with Hollandaise sauce and salad (G) 24

Venison sirloin with carrots and mushroom sauce (G) 29



Seafood and vegetables in bisque (G L) 13



Chocolate mousse with strawberries 8,5

Baked cheesecake with fresh berries 7,5 

Vegan raspberry and chocolate cake with berry sauce 8,5



Pasta with cheese (T) 6

Beef burger 9

Belgian waffle 5

2 scoops of ice cream 5



G-gluten free L-lactose free T-vegetarian V-vegan
About allergies ask from waiters