Classic fries (G L V) 6 

 Sweet potato fries with truffle mayo (G L T) 7

Chicken popcorn in teriyaki sauce (L) 8

Crispy prawns with mango mayo (G L V) 11

Padrón peppers (G L V) 8

Cheese selection: Pecorino, Brie, Tomme de Savoie 15

Ham and cheese selection 19




Beetroot ravioli filled with whipped goat’s cheese and herb pesto (G T) 11

Beef tartare with egg yolk and onion 15

Argentinian king prawns in cream sauce (G) 15

Tuna tataki with avocado cream and yakiniku sauce (L) 17

Duck liver pâté on brioche and kumquat jam 11

Selection of starters: beetroot ravioli, beef tartare, tuna tataki, duck liver 27



Mussels in creamy sauce (G) 16

Creamy pasta with prosciutto, cherry tomatoes and olives 13

King trumpet in coconut sauce with spiced carrot and quinoa (G L T V) 14

Fillet of pike pearch with cauliflower puree, broccolini

and creamy fish roe sauce 21

Octopus with beans in tomato sauce, new potatoes and herb mayo (L G) 22

Black Angus beef burger with onion jam and fries 19

Duck breast with pumpkin puree, roasted beetroot and pak choi 21

Venison with wild mushroom puree and red wine sauce (G) 26



Platz ramen with noodles, egg and tofu (L) 10

Platz ramen with noodles, egg and prawns (L) 13



Chocolate dessert with buckthorn and breadcrumbs (T) 7

Warm apple cake with rosemary and vanilla sauce and cinnamon (T) 6

Blueberry meringue with rosemary and vanilla sauce (G T) 6

Vegan raspberry and chocolate cake with berry sauce 9



Pasta with cheese (T) 6

Beef burger 9

Belgian waffle 5

2 scoops of ice cream 5



G-gluten free L-lactose free T-vegetarian V-vegan
About allergies ask from waiters